"Death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth." -- Tim

Big, pointy teeth...

This site serves to host the results of a wide array of interests in security. Contents will touch on penetration testing, incident response, reverse engineering and general musings. The latter can be found on my company's blog (which is in Swedish).


2011-01-10 Added the vsftpd on OpenBSD HOWTO.

2010-07-21 Updated version of An OpenBSD reference sheet, ksh.kshrc.local.txt and the new tool vhostid that is of assistance when trying to identify which (virtual) host names that are related to a web server. Also, The Reference Sheet have gotten to a point where it's starting to be useful.

2010-02-17 Updated version of An OpenBSD reference sheet, elfsplit, ksh.kshrc.local.txt.

2010-02-13 Updated version of mnap, updated version of mresolve.

2010-02-04 Updated bashrc.txt.

2010-01-23 Added permtree, syslog-merge, Murphys onda tvilling and an update section. :-)


Before you download any of the software below there are three things you should know. (1) All software is licensed under the ISC license, the FSF considers it to be compatible with the GPL. (2) These tools are primarily meant for my own use and I don't care much about version numbers so you'll have to settle for the RCS revision numbers mostly. Also, some of the tools I write are reimplementations of old ones and I'm aware that there are hundreds of Perl, C and (nowadays) .NET programs that solve the same set of problems. (3) All the tools are meant to run under Linux but should be pretty portable.

If you have questions or suggestions you can reach me at stef at bigpointyteeth dot se.


Reverse engineering


Incident response





These are the configuration files that I've grown used to. They are of course centered on my own needs but I wanted them online so that I can reach them at all times. However, I've commented them extensively so that they are easy to understand and steal ideas from.




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